Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar
Copper Rod/Bar

Copper Rod/Bar

Changjin copper Rod/Bar is the workhorse of the copper alloys. Our copper bar stock exhibits good mechanical properties, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and can polish to a beautiful shine.

Precision engineered and finished Copper round rods are available in hard, half-hard as well as in soft conditions in Extruded, Forged, Hot Rolled, as well as Cold worked options, in different dimensions. Further, our team also ensures that the copper material used to make these round rods are made available with the minimum copper content of 99.99%.

Metal Supplies offers a complete line of copper rod and copper round bar products. We are a professional manufacturer of stainless steel wire. We have a well-equipped factory and advanced production technology.

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Grade list of copper and copper alloys in different countries
lassify China Germany America Japan England Europe ISO
oxygen-free copper TU1 2.0076 C10200 C1020R C103
TU2 Cu-OF-H110 C11000 c1011 C101
Vacuum oxygen free copper E-Cu58 TU00 c1020 6N
High purity Cu-OFE c10500 c10700
Silver copper TAg 0.1 Copper and silver 0.1 C10400 C1040 Copper and silver 0.1
brass H90 copper-zinc oxide10 C22000 C2200 CZ101 copper-zinc oxide10 CW501L
H70 copper-zinc oxide30 C26000 C2600 CZ106 copper-zinc oxide30 CW505L
H68 C26200 C2620 copper-zinc oxide33 CW506L
H65 copper-zinc oxide35 C27000 C2700 CZ107 copper-zinc oxide36 CW507L
H63 copper-zinc oxide37 C27200 C2720 CZ108 copper-zinc oxide37 CW508L
H62 copper-zinc oxide40 C28000 C2800 CZ109 CW509L
bronze QSn4-0.3 Copper and tin4 C51100 C5111 PB101 Copper and tin4 CW450K
Copper and tin5 C51000 C5101 Copper and tin5 CW451K
QSn6.5-0.1 Copper and tin6 C51900 C5191 PB103 Copper and tin6 CW452K
QSn8-0.3 Copper and tin8 C52100 C5210 Copper and tin8 CW453K
copper-nickel BZn18-18 CuNi18Zn20 C75200 C7521 NS106 CuNi18Zn20
BZn18-26 CuNi18Zn27 C77000 C7701 NS107 CuNi18Zn27 CW410J
BZn15-20 C7541 CW409J
BZn18-10 C7350
pure copper TU2 OF-Cu58 C10100 C1011 C101 CW008A copper oxide
T2 SW - copper C11000 C1100 C101 Copper - FRHC
TP2 SF-Cu C12200 C1220 C106 CW024A Copper - DHP
TP1 SW-Cu C12000 C1201 CW023A Copper DLP
Outer Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
Cold Drawn 0.01-80 10-9000
Hot-rolled 8  -  300 10-6000
Forging 30-1500 50-5000
Square, flat, hexagonal, octagonal, etc are available
Depending on your needs
010 011 020 030 031 040 050 060 061
065 068 070 080 081 082      
OS005 OS010 OS015 OS025 0S035 OS050 0S060 OS070 OS100
OS120 OS150 OS200            
M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M06 M07 M10 M11
M20 M30 M40 M45          
H00 H01 H02 H03 H04 H06 H08 H10 H12
H13 H14 H50 H55 H52 H58 H60 H63 H64
H66 H70 H80 H85 H86        
HR01 HR02 HR04 HR08 HR10 HR50 HT04 HT08  
TB TB00 TD TD00 TD01 TD02 TD03 TD04  
TF TF00 TH TH01 TH02 TH03 TH04 TL TL00
TL01 TL02 TL04 TL08 TL10        
TS TS00 TS01 TS02 TS03 TS04 TS06 TS08 TS10
TQ00 TQ50 TQ55 TQ75 TM TM00 TM01 TM02 TM04
TM06 TM08 TR TR01 TR02 TR04      
WM WM50 WM00 WM01 WM02 WM03 WM04 WM06 WM08
WM10 WM15 WM20 WM21 WM22 W0 W050 WH WH00
WH01 WR WR00 WR01